Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Drink Caddy for Stroller

So I thought I would start my first (of many to come) tutorial Tuesday with a nice, easy, quick, useful project!

I own a Phil & Ted stroller that I love.  We use it as our second car - we bought it because it is a compact double stroller that easily fits on the bus.  However one of the disadvantages to it being a compact stroller is that is lacks simple luxuries such as cup holders.  I've looked at several different attachable cup holders however they seem to be expensive for what they are and I would have to take them off when folding my buggy for storage.  While pinning the other day I came across a tutorial for a fabric cup holder found on the blog Sew Can Do and I was able to whip this up the other day during nap time.

Fabric, Scissors/Rotary Cutter, Ruler, Cutting Mat, Pins, Sewing Machine, Snaps, Round Tracer

Step 1: Cut Fabric
  • For the body two rectangles 12inches x 7inches
  • For the bottom two circles with a diameter of 3.8 inches (I traced a bowl with this measurement)
  • For the strap one rectangle 9inches x 7inches

Step 2: Sew the Body

Fold the body piece in half lengthwise - good sides facing (so it measures 6inches x 7inches) and sew up the 7inch side with a 0.5 seam allowance.  Iron open the seams.

Pin circle to the bottom of the (now) cylindrical body piece - good sides facing. 
Attach using 0.5inch seam allowance.  Trim seam and zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying.  Fold over top edge 0.5 inches.  Pin and iron.  Repeat step two with outer body pieces.  At the end of step two you should have to cylinders with bottoms. 
Step 3:  Assemble the body

Place lining sleeve inside outer sleeve with wrong sides facing, matching seams.  Pin along top edge.

Step 4: Sew Strap

Fold strap piece lengthwise with good sides facing (you should have a rectangle measuring 9inches x 3.5inches).  Sew along long edge and one short edge using a 0.5inch seam allowance.  Trim edges and zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying.

Turn strap right-side out.  Iron edges flat.  Top-stitch around full rectangle. 

Step 5:  Attach Strap to Body

Sandwich strap between the inner and outer layers of the body cylinder.
Top stitch around top edge.  Sew strap area several times to ensure it is secure.

Step 6:  Attach Snaps to Strap

For this step I used my Kam-Snap hand pliers and plastic snaps.  You should probably use more durable snaps but I have an abundance of these snaps so if it comes apart I will just replace. 

And just like that you are finished.  No more spilt drinks in the bottom basket of your buggy!

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