Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Indoor Aquarium

Lately due to the extreme cold we have been stuck inside forcing us to keep sane by adventuring to our crafty side.  Don't get me wrong, in general I do like crafting - by myself, or with responsible adults - however when it comes to crafting with kids, glitter and paint explosion just usually isn't my thing.  We usually go to the local Early Years Centre to get our kid craft on, they clean-up the mess, however there has just been too many cold days and I was afraid the kids' brains were turning to mush watching T.V. leaving us no choice but to bring the glitter and paint extravaganza home. 

While the kids were picking out their books and movie at the weekly visit to the library I had a peek at the arts and crafts section and came across the book below for some crafting inspiration.

The first project we tried out was a Jellyfish.  I plopped J&L in front of the computer to learn something educational and inspirational about Jellyfish from YouTube while I went about scrounging up the needed supplies.  

My sister wouldn't be surprised to hear that I barely managed to find one paper plate (she always complains that we never have anything in the house - usually pertaining to food).  Given that there was only one plate between the two boys our Jellyfish have a slightly different shape then the inspirational ones seen above but I see it as wasting less paper and ultimately saving trees! (:

Deep in concentration over the making of the Jellyfish.

J & L proudly showing off their creations!

Given that I was the one who picked out the first project naturally we had to do another one, this time the boys' choice.  

I think that ours turned out much more exciting then the original inspiration complete with googly eyes, glitter and real pictures from daddy's hunting magazines.  

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