Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Using Up Scraps!

Just thought I would post a photo of a sewing project that I recently finished.  

The picture is a little bit blurry but the kids are still cute!  

I have been trying to clear out some of my material stash lately and came across some towels I had bought way back in summer to make a robe for J for when he is changing at the public pool.  We have been hitting up the local pool recently and it seems like they have the air conditioning cranked in the change rooms so I thought robes would still be appropriate.  In the spirit of using material up L's robe is made from polar fleece I had laying around.  It is quite a rich feeling fleece and it ended up looking more like a smoking jacket which would go perfect with a pipe and book!

I used a free pattern for which the tutorial can be found HERE.  You have to subscribe to her weekly newsletter to get the pattern pieces but it is well worth it as she has several other great free patterns and tutorials.  She also has patterns for sale that are easy to sew and stylish for both boys and girls.  I purchased her Blank Slate Boy's Bundle quite some time ago and have made several blazers for both J & L.

I have been sewing up a storm lately so hopefully I will get some more pictures up soon!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Indoor Aquarium

Lately due to the extreme cold we have been stuck inside forcing us to keep sane by adventuring to our crafty side.  Don't get me wrong, in general I do like crafting - by myself, or with responsible adults - however when it comes to crafting with kids, glitter and paint explosion just usually isn't my thing.  We usually go to the local Early Years Centre to get our kid craft on, they clean-up the mess, however there has just been too many cold days and I was afraid the kids' brains were turning to mush watching T.V. leaving us no choice but to bring the glitter and paint extravaganza home. 

While the kids were picking out their books and movie at the weekly visit to the library I had a peek at the arts and crafts section and came across the book below for some crafting inspiration.

The first project we tried out was a Jellyfish.  I plopped J&L in front of the computer to learn something educational and inspirational about Jellyfish from YouTube while I went about scrounging up the needed supplies.  

My sister wouldn't be surprised to hear that I barely managed to find one paper plate (she always complains that we never have anything in the house - usually pertaining to food).  Given that there was only one plate between the two boys our Jellyfish have a slightly different shape then the inspirational ones seen above but I see it as wasting less paper and ultimately saving trees! (:

Deep in concentration over the making of the Jellyfish.

J & L proudly showing off their creations!

Given that I was the one who picked out the first project naturally we had to do another one, this time the boys' choice.  

I think that ours turned out much more exciting then the original inspiration complete with googly eyes, glitter and real pictures from daddy's hunting magazines.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Halloween that was...

Oh I love Halloween!  It is probably my most favorite secular holiday of all!

And it's not just because I have kids, although that does make it better.  My husband and I have dressed up for the majority of Halloweens that we have been married (sometimes there was a lot of nagging on my part).  I love the whimsy, my little mini-competition with stores to churn out something better then what they are selling, knowing that it doesn't have to be perfect because it is likely going to only be worn once - so many great things about creating for Halloween!

Here is a look at Halloween present and past (I may put up a couple tutorials here in the upcoming days - I know it is past Halloween but hey they will be there next year!)

The Incredibles

Mario, Princess Peach, & Toad

Old McDonald, Farmer's Wife, Chicken

Red Riding Hood & Wolf

Punk Rocker & Groupie

Today I'm linking up to The Train to Crazy:  Make It Wear It.  Come check it out here.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Fabric Swatches - Bow Ties

Please see below for some of the fabric options currently available for bow ties (and vests).  Let me know if there is something you had in mind that you don't see here as this is just a small selection of my significant fabric stash!

In addition to these patterned fabrics, bow ties and vests are also available in a wide variety of solid colours (black, red, brown, green, blue, pink etc....) 

When requesting more info on custom bow tie or vest orders please include the number and description of fabric choice as seen below (or solid colour selection).

Thanks for your patronage!


1.  Black/White Checkerboard

2.  Black/White Stripe

3.  Red w/ Black Circles

4.  Red/Orange Pattern

5.  Red/Black/White Check

6.  Coral w/ navy and light blue ovals

7.  Black/Blue Squares and Circles

8.  Green Gingham

9.  Green Vintage

10.  Mossy Green

11.  Green/Teal Gingham

12.  Navy/Forest Green large stripe

13.  Blue/Yellow large stripe

14.  Red/Charcoal large stripe

15.  Earth Yellow Wood Grain

16.  Red/Green Christmas

17.  Blue Christmas Trees

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thanksgiving: Items 2 - 4!

Soooooooooooooooooooooo......   I've been a little tardy on posting my thankfulness of the day posts!

Here is three to kick start the week!

ITEM 2:  Windy Fall Days

I am thankful for windy fall days because it makes my laundry smell lovely and fresh and dry so quick!

It is always great when chores take less time!

ITEM 3:   3 Hour Naps

Who does not love naps!  I like to take naps on lazy Sunday afternoons but the naps that I am thankful for in this posts are the naps that this little guy takes on a daily basis.  I am ecspecially thankful when the naps stretch out to 3 hours!

Look at that smile - he is thankful for 3hour naps too!

ITEM 4:  Long Weekends

We usually spend some of the long weekend visiting friends and family but the day I usually enjoy the most is the Monday.  Why you ask?  We usually reserve Mondays for recovery, rest and puttering around the house.  Here is a picture of my three favorite people to putter around with.

I am always thankful for long weekends and the chance to slow down and putter with these guys!

Thanks for reading!  I'll be back soon, I'm only 10 items behind!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fabric Swatches - Ruffled Aprons

Recently several people have asked me about fabric choices for custom aprons.  Please see below for some of the options currently available.  Let me know if there is something you had in mind that you don't see here as this is just a small selection of my significant fabric stash!

When requesting more info on custom apron orders please include the number and description of fabric choice as seen below.

Thanks for your patronage!  


1.  Vibrant Pink with Pink Flowers

2.  Soft Mauve with Butterflies

      3.  Pink with Black Polka Dots
4.  Pale Pink with White Flowers

5.  Country Blue with Blue and Red Flowers

6.  Purple with Purple Flowers

7.  Green Damask with Green/Brown Vine  
 8.  Earthy Yellow with White Polka Dots (currently sold out)
9.  Teal/Blue Mash-up

10.  Blue with Blue, White, Red Ovals

11.  Pale Yellow Eyelet

Thankfulness: Day 1

In light of it being Thanksgiving this month I thought that I would do 31 days of thankfulness - I know... I know... I am already behind but I hope to quickly catch-up!

DAY 1:  I am thankful for Crayola 'washable' Markers

From the pictures below you would think that I would be cursing Crayola Markers but in fact the situation could have been much worse if these hadn't been washable markers!

This is what our child does with 5 mins of unsupervised time (I was changing L's diaper) and a marker, and yes, by the way he did have a colouring page in front of him!  Maybe he was getting ready for Halloween. All I can say is thank goodness for crayola washable markers, this creative misadventure came off of J's face with no soap and minimal scrubbing and provided us all a good laugh in the process!

Have a great day!