Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fabric Swatches - Ruffled Aprons

Recently several people have asked me about fabric choices for custom aprons.  Please see below for some of the options currently available.  Let me know if there is something you had in mind that you don't see here as this is just a small selection of my significant fabric stash!

When requesting more info on custom apron orders please include the number and description of fabric choice as seen below.

Thanks for your patronage!  


1.  Vibrant Pink with Pink Flowers

2.  Soft Mauve with Butterflies

      3.  Pink with Black Polka Dots
4.  Pale Pink with White Flowers

5.  Country Blue with Blue and Red Flowers

6.  Purple with Purple Flowers

7.  Green Damask with Green/Brown Vine  
 8.  Earthy Yellow with White Polka Dots (currently sold out)
9.  Teal/Blue Mash-up

10.  Blue with Blue, White, Red Ovals

11.  Pale Yellow Eyelet

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