Monday, October 15, 2012

Fabric Swatches - Bow Ties

Please see below for some of the fabric options currently available for bow ties (and vests).  Let me know if there is something you had in mind that you don't see here as this is just a small selection of my significant fabric stash!

In addition to these patterned fabrics, bow ties and vests are also available in a wide variety of solid colours (black, red, brown, green, blue, pink etc....) 

When requesting more info on custom bow tie or vest orders please include the number and description of fabric choice as seen below (or solid colour selection).

Thanks for your patronage!


1.  Black/White Checkerboard

2.  Black/White Stripe

3.  Red w/ Black Circles

4.  Red/Orange Pattern

5.  Red/Black/White Check

6.  Coral w/ navy and light blue ovals

7.  Black/Blue Squares and Circles

8.  Green Gingham

9.  Green Vintage

10.  Mossy Green

11.  Green/Teal Gingham

12.  Navy/Forest Green large stripe

13.  Blue/Yellow large stripe

14.  Red/Charcoal large stripe

15.  Earth Yellow Wood Grain

16.  Red/Green Christmas

17.  Blue Christmas Trees

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