Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Glimpse...

It's funny how the weather outside can often dictate our overall mood.

 Today was wonderfully breezy, but not the cold kind of breeze typical of fall but warm breezy, reminiscent of summer.  The perfect weather for hanging laundry and playing at the park!

Waiting patiently to go to the park while I hang laundry.

Although we never seem to be able to catch it on camara, L is actually our easy going smiley guy while J is the more serious one.

L is getting better balance every day

Feeding doggy a snack

"look mommy, a bug!"

finally we made it to the park!

you found me mommy!

zooming down the slide

arrrrgh!  that's all for now mateys! 

Get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather while you can!


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