Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Newest Creation...

So my goal was to post something every other day and less then one month into my blogging life I have already missed my goal several times...  this might stem from the fact that I only have two followers of my blog thus far and the two followers are my sister and my husband both of which I have to remind to read my blog after each post!

Despite the sad reality of the above statement I will continue on!

Now on to more exciting things, today's post:

I have been working on a new style of children's aprons, more boy friendly then my previous pink frilly ones yet totally customizable so that it could still be quite girly.  As per usual I called on my talented model to show off my newest creation.

So you can't really see the apron very well in the above picture but Jude is looking so darn cute I just had to share!

The apron Jude is wearing is size 2/3 so it is a bit large on him.

The neck strap on the apron is adjustable with a one sided tie.  There is a double pocket on the front and the pocket is lined with a contrasting red fabric (same fabric as the red tomato applique).  The apron also has contrasting topstiching throughout (in this case red).  The applique is a tomato but could be customized to most anything.

Feel free to contact me if you would like your very own custom apron for your little one.  Various sizes and colours are available.

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